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Your imagination is worth more than you think!

Imagination Decides Everything
Imagination Decides Everything
Imagination Decides Everything

Imagination Decides Everything!

Imagination decides everything. Yet, most are afraid to use it.

— Why?

For many, the psychological concept of ‘what you see is all there is’ hinders the evolution and expression of new ideas. To posit an opinion that runs counter to the embedded heuristic — is to court dissonance. And nobody appreciates cognitive dissonance — especially when thrust upon them.

Imagination is about that which can be made visible

Creation is about investigation and experimentation

Vision can be life-changing

We are all capable of creativity

“There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come” — Victor Hugo.

Stakeholder management means involving stakeholders!

Knowledge is power
Knowledge is power
Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power

The illusion of control is a tendency to believe we can control or at least influence outcomes that we demonstrably have no influence over. We cannot control how others drive, only how we drive.

If knowledge is power, we’re all susceptible to the illusion of control. When dealing with complex situations where skill, knowledge, chance, and randomness lie, we like to think that we know what is going on when we are often wrong.

Understanding how chance and randomness works in games and life helps provide a seeding and growing culture framework. Note, we refer to growing culture as opposed…

Your biggest mistakes often come from too much, not too little knowledge

An idea meritocracy is the only way for a business to survive
An idea meritocracy is the only way for a business to survive
Idea Meritocracy

An ‘Idea Meritocracy’ is the new Corporate Democracy!

Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd.

Voltaire [ 1694–1778 ]

Most organizations tend toward autocracy, some democracy, a few holocracy. But is an ‘idea meritocracy’ the future of company building?

We are all living life, not knowing what the next moment will bring. To many, that adds a layer of excitement. To others, anxiety.

Given the extent of three-millennia of literature and learning, we should expect to be right on no more than one in ten occasions, mathematically speaking.

One in ten! Yes, even with classical schooling.

So why is it we never ask ourselves, what…

If we are all machines, then artificial intelligence may just be the lubricant we need.

Will machines ever replace us. Four decades on from the low budget TV show Space 1999 and we still cannot fully imagine a time when machines entirely replace us.

Artificial intelligence will change things for sure. Grammarly, Hemingway, and Copyai are great Natural Language Programming [NLP], and Generative Pre-trained Transformer [GPT [1,2 & 3]] based tools already help many writers operate with incredible speed and accuracy.

But, these all require human input. Human input to the program. Human information to direct deep learning. Human input…

Are you reciprocating as much as you should?

Reciprocity, that’s what we need!

Society is indeed a contract.

-Edmund Burke [ 1729–1797 ]

In everyday life, we all form social contracts. The bus stop queue, assembly line ups, wedding seating — all denote a learned behaviour — a social contract.

Contracts exist at work too. But the legal form bears scant relation to the cultural contract that binds practice, performance, and most importantly,


How does reciprocity factor into a business?

Clients are far more likely to become customers again if they feel like you gave them a great experience. …

Are you an economic rockstar or, just an accountant roadie?

Man is an animal that makes bargains
Man is an animal that makes bargains
Economic Rockstars & Accountant Roadies

Economic Rockstars & Accountant Roadies

Not boring. That was my motto.

Imagine you’re at the school disco.

You finally pluck up the courage to ask someone you’ve been eyeing all year.

Amanda Honey. That was her name.

Even now, 35 years hence, the name still has a majestic ring to it.

She accepts…

— So what are you studying? — Accounting, I reply. — Her eyes send me a sign. I can feel an escape excuse brewing. — Accounting’s not as boring as most people think. I hastily offer. — Yeah, I agree; I’m studying Economics.

Wow — this must be love!

Well, at least…

Iterate, then iterate again!

Truths of reasoning v’s truths of fact
Truths of reasoning v’s truths of fact
Truths of reasoning v’s truths of fact

Iterate. Then Iterate Again!

I’ve always struggled with iteration. While I was never part of the one-and-done crew, five, six, maybe ten iterations, and I tap out.

Five thousand one hundred and twenty-seven. 5,127 is the number of prototypes iterated by James Dyson over fifteen years before he reached the happy place. That place where the product fulfilled his early dreams.

There are two kinds of truth: Truths of reasoning and truths of fact.

-Gottfried Leibniz [ 1646–1716 ]

The lean startup movement derived from the more comprehensive customer discovery playbook by Steve Blank. In his four steps to the epiphany, there is nothing…

Are you in a corporate culture bind?

Are you in a corporate culture bind?
Are you in a corporate culture bind?

‘Man was born free- yet everywhere he is in chains.’

Jean-Jacques Rousseau [ 1712–1778 ]

Safety in Numbers

Looking into the barrel of the turbulent times in which he lived, Rosseau implied that people subordinate their rights and freedoms when they consent to live together and abide by agreed rules.

Beneficial to many because it means that the majority feels safer. There’s safety in numbers. But unfortunately, many are not in that number.

Still, this is as it should be, right?

It is — what it is!

Pay to play is well accepted within our culture.

It all works fine until it doesn’t…

Strat-e-gym: The Monetization Manifesto

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